During the winter storm Jonas, two of our high tunnels collapsed under 30+ inches of snow.  Unfortunately, we weren't home to knock the snow off as it came - since we were in North Carolina (read Adventures in the South).  Two down and two left.  Here's a look at what's growing in T1 - our first high tunnel:
Salanova lettuce mix, Siberian Kale, Golden Beets, Swiss Chard, Red Russian Kale, cilantro, dill, sorrel and parsley.  

While the wind is howling outside, it's a green paradise in here!  

-Mrs. Farmer


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    Jenni joined Team QBF after marrying Kevin in April 2015.  He transplanted her from her home in Dallas, TX and converted her from Doula to Marketing Manager at Quarter Branch Farm.  She couldn't ask for a better life!


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