Meet Kiley!  The smiles, cheer, and speed of Quarter Branch Farm :)  She is GREAT at what she does.  Awesome at seeding, harvesting and a fantastic pun-machine, we love this girl!  This will be Kiley's third season with us and we are incredibly grateful to have her.  

Give or take a few, 100 trays are seeded each week at Quarter Branch Farm.  Kiley's fastest time is six minutes per tray. We're impressed :)

Good news for you!!  You may be hearing from Kiley as a guest writer from time to time here on the blog.  And no doubt, you will enjoy what she has to say about her experiences on the farm! 

-Mrs. Farmer


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    Jenni joined Team QBF after marrying Kevin in April 2015.  He transplanted her from her home in Dallas, TX and converted her from Doula to Marketing Manager at Quarter Branch Farm.  She couldn't ask for a better life!


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