One Year.  One incredibly awesome year as Mrs. Farmer!  I'll take another fifty, please :)
Turns out, Erik is really into Perfecta Plowing! Super handy since we're trying to kill all the weeds in this field in preparation for some serious cover cropping. We'll Perfecta Plow it a couple times, then spread the cover crop seed, then gently Perfecta it back in and wait for rain :) Go cover crop, Go!
Meet Kiley!  The smiles, cheer, and speed of Quarter Branch Farm :)  She is GREAT at what she does.  Awesome at seeding, harvesting and a fantastic pun-machine, we love this girl!  This will be Kiley's third season with us and we are incredibly grateful to have her.  

Give or take a few, 100 trays are seeded each week at Quarter Branch Farm.  Kiley's fastest time is six minutes per tray. We're impressed :)

Good news for you!!  You may be hearing from Kiley as a guest writer from time to time here on the blog.  And no doubt, you will enjoy what she has to say about her experiences on the farm! 

-Mrs. Farmer
During the winter storm Jonas, two of our high tunnels collapsed under 30+ inches of snow.  Unfortunately, we weren't home to knock the snow off as it came - since we were in North Carolina (read Adventures in the South).  Two down and two left.  Here's a look at what's growing in T1 - our first high tunnel:
Salanova lettuce mix, Siberian Kale, Golden Beets, Swiss Chard, Red Russian Kale, cilantro, dill, sorrel and parsley.  

While the wind is howling outside, it's a green paradise in here!  

-Mrs. Farmer
Kevin has been hitting the fields every day this week.  With his new King chisel plow, Buckeye bed shaper and John Deere 5520, prepping beds is faster and more thorough than ever before!  Pictures of those three lovelies later.

He has always told me that one of his dreams is to take a nap with his baby on his chest during lunch break.  When that happened the other week, it just melted my heart. My two men, Kevin and Erik.

-Mrs. Farmer

Saying "Life is different with a newborn" just does not encompass all that happens to you!  You still have a little life to sustain, but in a WHOLE new way!  Nourishment and sleep used to come to this baby so naturally and effortlessly before birth. 

This little boy has had me dieting and exercising almost from day one.  And by that I mean, never having time to eat and doing thousands of squats to bounce him to sleep :)  I'm basically a model now ;)  

Thanks for patiently waiting through my maternity leave!  Erik is now TWO months old and life is quite manageable :)  We can't wait to share more with you and give you a peek at what's happening on the farm!

-Mrs. Farmer
Guest post from one of our crew members, Kiley (in the camo cap)!  Together, our crew planted 16,000 onions!  Here's a little behind the scenes of what goes where and how and why!


    Jenni joined Team QBF after marrying Kevin in April 2015.  He transplanted her from her home in Dallas, TX and converted her from Doula to Marketing Manager at Quarter Branch Farm.  She couldn't ask for a better life!


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