I say "hidden" because you can't taste it!  


3 bananas
1-2 handfuls Claytonia, Romaine Lettuce, soft Butterchard
5-7 ice cubes
1/3 cup coconut water (optional)

Refresh and Replenish :)




This is our second season to grow strawberries and it's still an experiment for us.  The tastiest experiment I've ever done :)  They're fantastic!  We are working towards growing enough to supply our CSA members and bring the berries to market.  Chemical-free strawberries :)
We transplant every week.  Here's 5/12/16 plus a look at some of the fields
Need a way to use up your greens fast?  You could steam them, soup them, massage with oil and make a salad . . . OR . . . better yet - 

1. Heat oil/fat in a wide pan
2. Toss in chopped kale (Curly, Dino, Red Russian, Siberian) and your favorite shoots (tat soi, collard, kale)
3. Let it get crispy and season with pink Himalayan salt

My favorite way because it retains all of its vibrance!!  Yum yum :)


    Jenni joined Team QBF after marrying Kevin in April 2015.  He transplanted her from her home in Dallas, TX and converted her from Doula to Marketing Manager at Quarter Branch Farm.  She couldn't ask for a better life!


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